Installation Requirements for Safety Exit Indicators


1. Fire emergency lights and safety evacuation lights must have two power sources, namely normal power and emergency backup power. The emergency backup power supply is generally supplied by self-provided power generation and storage batteries. If storage batteries are used, the continuous power supply time cannot be less than 200 minutes.

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2. The illuminance of fire emergency lighting and safety evacuation signs should not be lower than 0.5lx, so that they can fully illuminate the walkways, stairs and other evacuation routes. The fire control room, fire pump room, self-provided generator room, and the parts that still need to work in the event of a fire must also ensure normal lighting.
3. The safety evacuation indication signs should be placed on the top of the Taiping Gate or on the wall at the evacuation aisle and its corners below 1m from the ground. The distance between the indication signs on the aisle should not be greater than 20m. Fire emergency lighting and safety evacuation indicators shall be provided with protective covers made of glass and other non-combustible materials.
Fourth, the evacuation stairwell should be marked with obvious signs to indicate the location and the number of floors, so that the people in the building can know their own position in time, so as to facilitate safe evacuation.