Common faults and solutions of LED camping lanterns


1. The LED camping light is out of power and needs to be charged.
2. The outdoor LED camping lantern is in poor contact and the line is faulty. It is necessary to check whether there is a problem with the wiring.
3. The LED bulb of the camping light is burnt out and needs to be replaced with a new bulb.
4. The outdoor LED camping lantern itself is damaged due to falling or water entry. This kind of fault maintenance is more troublesome, and it is usually necessary to contact the merchant for repair.

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What should I do if the LED camping lantern cannot be charged?
The bad rate of camping lights, if it is not a fault, the main reason is that there is no electricity. After all, camping is in the wild, and there is no power supply in time. Sometimes, when charging with an outdoor power supply, it is found that it cannot be charged. What is going on?
In this case, the battery of the LED camping lantern is generally faulty, or the circuit of the camping light is faulty; at this time, it is necessary to check the wiring. However, it is troublesome to check and maintain the wiring. It is not recommended that friends without electrician knowledge do not repair it by themselves.