What hard features come with professional LED camping lights


Professional camp layout, LED camp lights are essential equipment, it provides us with night lighting, and also gives us a sense of security in our hearts. The advantages of LED camping lights are obvious. It can provide us with a stable light source in the camp, so it is very suitable for leisure and cooking in the camp.

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Lighting is the most basic function of LED camping lights. We can use lumens as a reference to compare the lighting of camping lights. Generally, the brightness of camping lights is between 100-300 lumens. If it is a lighting lamp used inside a tent, then 100 lumens is enough. -3 people used it.
LED camp lights do not need to be completely waterproof, because camp lights are generally hung under the canopy or inside the tent, and do not need to be hung in the rain. When I woke up the next day, it was like it was raining all night.
There are generally two ways to use LED camp lights, the first is the hanging type, and the second is the placed type, which is used on the table. If it is a hanging camping light, there is usually a hook on the top, and the bulb is on the top. If it is placed, the bulb will be on both sides.