How to maintain solar lights


1. Do not hang items on the lamp, such as drying quilts, etc.
2. Minimize the switch of lamps when using lamps;
3. If the lampshade is found to be tilted during use or cleaning, it should be corrected to keep it beautiful;

Wholesale solar lamp

4. When adjusting the lampshade, be careful to avoid the trident bracket in the lamp from reflecting shadows when the lamp is on;
5. Replace the aging lamp in time according to the light source parameters provided by the sign. If it is found that the two ends of the lamp are red, the lamp is black or has shadows, and the lamp does not turn on, the lamp should be replaced in time to prevent the occurrence of ballasts. Burnout and other unsafe phenomena.
1. When cleaning, just wipe it with a damp cloth, keep the action in the same direction, do not rub it back and forth, and the intensity should be moderate, especially for chandeliers and wall lamps.
2. Clean the interior of the lighting. When cleaning the bulb, turn off the light first. When wiping, you can remove the bulb and wipe it separately. If cleaning directly on the lamp, do not rotate the bulb clockwise to avoid the lamp cap being screwed too tightly and peeling off.