Common faults of rechargeable flashlights


The first one: battery problem
Judgment can use a multimeter, pointer multimeter, digital multimeter can be used, use the multimeter DC voltage file to check the voltage at both ends of the battery. If the voltage across the battery is lower than 4V, after charging, the battery voltage is still lower than 4V.
Then it means that the battery has a problem and cannot be used. Replace it with a new battery. The battery capacity it uses is about 600-800mah capacity battery. Pay attention to distinguish the positive and negative poles of the battery. Wrong connection will not only cause the light to not light, but also be dangerous.

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Second: Capacitance problem
Due to the low price of this flashlight, in order to reduce costs, manufacturers use relatively poor components in the selection of components. Capacitors with low withstand voltage values ​​are prone to bulge or explode due to grid voltage fluctuations and differences in workmanship between different batches.
The third: lamp bead problem
When the detection finds that the capacitor is good, the output voltage is normal, and the battery is normal, that is the lamp bead problem, and you can directly replace the new lamp bead. According to the dismantling experience, some flashlights will connect a resistor in series at the 220V input end. This resistor is equivalent to a fuse. If it burns, it can be replaced or directly short-circuited.