Types of flashlights


The rechargeable flashlight is a new type of lighting tool with light-emitting diodes as the light source. It has the advantages of power saving, durability and high brightness. The rechargeable flashlight is a handheld electronic lighting tool that can be repeatedly charged. It is green and environmentally friendly, and usually uses LEDs. The light bulb has a long life and is suitable for going out at night and power outage lighting.

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The rechargeable flashlight is designed for energy saving and environmental protection society, and it is also a way for businesses to adapt to consumer needs and reflect social responsibility. The appearance of the rechargeable flashlight solves the trouble of replacing the battery, and also advantageously protects the environmental resources.
The official name of the laser flashlight is "laser pointer", which belongs to the semiconductor laser, similar to the ordinary flashlight, the volume is larger, and the power is usually higher; It is different from the laser pen because its volume is easier to dissipate heat. The laser module directly contacts the aluminum flashlight shell, which has good heat dissipation and better stability than the laser pen.