Matters needing attention when wiring fire emergency lights


1. It is necessary to accurately grasp the characteristics of various wiring methods, so as to avoid blind wiring, which cannot play its due role;
2. If emergency lighting is used as part of normal lighting, three-wire controllable connection should be used.

customized Fire emergency light

3. For multi-storey public buildings, if there is no fire control center, the emergency lighting fixtures in various parts can be controlled by on-site switches (single light, single control or multi-light control) or three-wire connection method with centralized control in the distribution box. .
4. For projects with a fire control center, in order to meet the requirements that the fire control center can turn on the fire emergency lighting on the fire floor and related floors when a fire occurs.
In order to ensure the reliability of the power supply for fire emergency lighting, it should be powered by the low-voltage emergency bus section of the substation if possible. That is, when the diesel generator set is used as the emergency power supply, as long as the generator is put into use, it will have electricity to continue to ensure power supply.
In a fire state, there is less smoke and more oxygen near the ground, and the instinctive response of people to evacuate is to bend over or crawl forward, so local high-intensity lighting is higher than high-level lighting.
The uniform illumination brought by the installation is more effective. Therefore, low-level installation should be promoted, that is, emergency lighting for evacuation should be provided close to the ground or at ground level.