Emergency lighting system power supply control mode


Compared with emergency lights independently controlled by self-power supply, centralized control of emergency lights with centralized power supply has the advantages of convenient centralized management, user self-inspection, fire supervision and inspection, prolonging the life of lamps, and improving emergency evacuation efficiency. The system has good reliability and service life. Long time, convenient maintenance and management, low system price. However, since there is no backup power supply (battery) in the centralized power supply centralized control emergency lighting fixture, if the power supply line fails, it will directly affect the normal operation of the emergency lighting system, so the power supply line is laid with special fire protection requirements. When the emergency light fails, it generally only affects the light itself, and has little effect on the whole system.

customized Fire emergency light

When choosing emergency lighting, the emergency lighting system should be reasonably selected according to the specific situation. Generally speaking, for new projects or projects with fire control rooms, the wiring should be unified as much as possible during the construction process, and centralized power supply should be used to centrally control emergency lighting; the power supply independently controls emergency lighting.