The difference between fire emergency lighting lamps and fire emergency sign lamps


Fire emergency lights on the market are mainly divided into two types, namely fire emergency lighting fixtures and fire emergency sign lights.
Fire emergency lights are mainly used to provide lighting for personnel evacuation and fire work places. They are mainly installed in densely populated places, fire control rooms, water pump rooms and other areas. Emergency lights are generally installed above the door frame of the exit door of the evacuation passage, on the walls of corridors and safety exit aisles, and at an unobstructed position about 2 meters above the ground. Usually, the external power supply is used for power supply, and it automatically switches to the battery power supply state when the power is cut off.

customized Fire emergency light

The fire emergency sign lamps refer to the use of graphics and text to indicate the evacuation direction and evacuation information. Common escape and evacuation indicators are divided into "exit indicator lamps" and "direction indicator lamps". In order to facilitate personnel to accurately identify the positions of safety exits and evacuation exits, exit indicator lights will be set at the corresponding exits. In addition, in order to prevent the smoke generated in the early stage of the fire from blocking the sign light and affecting the clear identification of the sign of the sign light, the direction indicator light should be set in a low position.