Purpose of customized Exit Sign Light


The customized Exit Sign Light features easy-to-read LED displays that indicate vehicle status/position and an on/off switch that is automatically illuminated and activated when vehicle movement is detected (or car is turned off).


The customized Exit Sign Light provide lighting during commercial hours in a factory/shopping center.  As the lights illuminate the space, they allow employees the ability to stay inside their facilities. There are three types of light to choose from including a standard light, a directional light, and a bright spot light.  The directional light is used to illuminate and indicate where to go (in the direction of the direction of light) and the bright spot light is used to illuminate the space to give employees a clue as to the direction to where they need to move to get where they need to go.The customized Exit Sign Light allows employees and others to see the path the light may take.

The customized Exit Sign Light is applicable to factories, hotels, shopping malls, buildings and other high-rise buildings.  When a fire escapes you can easily walk to the exit sign, but if not then a quick look down a long hallway can be a handy aid.   Once the fire has gone out you could return to the factory, find the customized Exit Sign Light somewhere, and then walk another block, get through another gate and back to the exit sign.  What I didn't think of is what happens when a fire escapes from a building.  This example above is very similar to the previous one, and so I'll expand a little on that.  On this example, the fire escapes are in the back of the factory (a two story building) and the fire escapes are outside the factory (not visible on the map).