Advantages and economic benefit analysis of solar lamp products


What kind of lamp is called solar lamp products? Solar lamp products are kind of environment-friendly and energy-saving lamp. It does not need power supply. It is a kind of solar lamp that absorbs solar energy as energy. The lamp pole and battery module are designed as a whole. The windproof ability of solar lamp is very good in bad weather, including the use of high technology of microcomputer control and intelligent discharge inside.


The new solar lamp products have the advantages of high brightness, simple and convenient installation, long working time, no need to install additional cables, no waste of conventional energy, and long service life. It can be installed in place as long as there is sunlight, because it is made of environment-friendly materials and will not pollute the environment, so it is called a green environment-friendly product.

What are the advantages of solar lamp products

1. High efficiency and energy saving: It can provide lighting for power supply by absorbing solar light source, which is inexhaustible.

2. Environmental protection and zero pollution: it will not pollute the environment, will not produce noise to affect the surrounding residential areas, and will not radiate to people.

3. Zero safety risk: no electric shock, fire and other accidents.

4. Convenience: It is simple and easy to install, without installing wires like traditional street lamps.

5. Long service life: the product material is high-tech products, and the control system and accessories are all international brands, intelligent design, and reliable quality.

6. Strong appearance and high grade: new products, made of high technology, with high grade modeling and upgrading.

7. Low investment cost: one-time investment cost, durable, and no need for frequent maintenance like traditional street lamps.

8. Wide range of use: Because solar lamp products use solar energy to generate electricity, they can be used wherever the sun shines. Today, solar lamp products are used for outdoor lighting in parks, residential areas, open spaces in major tourist attractions, industrial areas, and outdoor lighting for learning.

Benefit of using solar lamp products

The difference between solar lamp products and traditional lamp are that the one-time input cost of solar street lamp can use the inexhaustible solar energy to provide stable and reliable lighting once and for all, while the traditional street lamp must be powered by artificial power, and it is easy to be damaged, often requires maintenance, wasting manpower, material resources and resources. The comparison is in terms of economic benefits.

The solar lamp products have high power, and its brightness is the same as that of the incandescent lamp at 150W-250W. It can work normally for 9 days if the sun does not appear for several days. Its production features include the function of storing power supply, equipped with photosensitive control device and photoelectric intelligent controller to control the time, which can save energy to the maximum extent, and can also increase the lighting time of street lamps at night, reduce the cost a lot, and do not pollute the environment.

After reading so many introductions about the functions and characteristics of solar lamp products, do you think the functionality of this kind of solar lamp products are very powerful? Because the earth's energy is becoming less and less, some changes must be made to protect the environment. The construction of new rural areas in society is also vigorously promoting the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation of solar lamp products, and does not waste resources.