What kinds of situations can cause the solar lamp products to be not bright enough?


In terms of solar lamp products configuration, we should first understand the illumination coefficient, road width, solar lamp products height and other information in this area, select the height of the lamp pole and the brightness of the lamp cap, and use the power of each time period and the general rainy days in this area to match the capacity of the battery, The power of the selected battery panel should be suitable for the storage capacity of the maintenance-free battery... Only after careful calculation can we make a solar lamp system matching this location.


The following three conditions will cause the solar lamp products to be not bright enough:

1. When designing and configuring the solar lamp products, the low power of the battery panel caused the battery to be undercharged. At the beginning, it was normal. However, after several rainy days, the lamp began to dim, and it was completely dark in less than a year. This kind of situation is relatively common.

2. The battery capacity of the solar lamp products are too small in the design and configuration, or the setting of the solar lamp products controller is not in line with the local actual situation, resulting in a significant reduction in the measurement after more than 3 days of overcast and rainy days. This situation is prone to problems in the period of more overcast and rainy days, and other times are normal. However, if the local overcast and rainy days often exceed the setting of the solar lamp products, it will bring a huge burden to the battery, Cause the loss of battery aging and early life reduction.

3. If the solar lamp products holder of the solar lamp products are used with too much power, it may cause the battery to over-discharge and aging in advance. If the power is too small, it will not be bright enough and cause unnecessary cost waste. The probability of this situation is relatively low.

If the design is not carried out by professional companies or professionals, the above three situations may occur, resulting in the breakdown of the solar lamp products. The above must be noted before installing the solar lamp products.