How to select solar lamp products?


How to select solar lamp products?We understand why some people will consider the new style of solar lamp to be too "over-the-top". For the most part, however, the new lamps will be aimed at the serious outdoor enthusiast. The lamp will feature a simple, compact design which will produce the most consistent and efficient light. Our vision is a more beautiful, healthier planet. After all, we're all made of the same stuff.How can I buy one?We are working closely with various manufactures to select the quality and quantity that is right for you. We plan to include all of this information in our order form.Will you ship internationally?

what are the advantages of solar lamp products?We have always been focused on making efficient products with a clean and environmentally friendly vision. Our company's mission is to be the leading supplier of green energy technology. For over 20 years we have developed more than 3000 solutions in green technology to help citizens generate electricity and save it.We believe that all things are connected, that the right products are the solution to all problems and environmental issues. Our vision is to help the world live in a way which is not affected by climate change, water scarcity, land degradation and other environmental issues. All our products are based on photovoltaic, a solar energy technology. There is no environmental impact without the right technologies which protect the environment. To achieve these goals we are developing and deploying many solar technology products. The current products are based on an LED LED light. We have recently changed it into a new product called

why choose solar lamp products?We understand why some people will consider solar lamps as a viable option to their lifestyle. They are cheaper, energy efficient at 15.4% (or 1.4x more efficient than standard incandescent lamps) and they produce lower energy output – 1.2 lumens vs 5.1 lumens – but not as visible and not as high output as standard incandescent lamps. Our light bulbs are not available anymore in most stores for less than $5 as well as with some stores. These were some people's top two choices in 2007, and we continue to stock those high-quality products. Since the recession, the market has stabilized thanks to the growth of green products and the new lighting standards.Can you describe the product features? What products are most popular?

what do solar lamp products bring us?We wanted to bring sunlight to the world by making light bulbs available to the vast majority of all electrical outlets, whether in your home or a business. We've been making LED lights for the past few years. Our mission is to build products that will improve lighting in the global village, and we're proud to have accomplished a lot, too! Our LED lights are being used in thousands of homes in the United States, the United Kingdom and worldwide in some of the world's dirtiest places. All this while generating tons of power –generated from LED light bulbs – which gives us, and the Earth, the opportunity to meet our clean energy goals.Our Goal: Make it possible for anyone to have a clean-energy lighting solution.How you support us: Support our LED products.