What is the development trend of china solar lantern?


What is the development trend of china solar lantern?China has the potential to increase its global solar lantern sales by over 50% within the next few years. In our opinion, this will be mainly due to the rising popularity of solar lanterns as a way to reduce energy consumption and improve energy security; specifically for the solar energy system. With the growth in the Chinese solar industry, solar lanterns will be added to the list of items that can improve solar energy system efficiency, hence improving environmental performance. We estimate that China solar will bring in over one billion kilowatt-hours annually by 2025, which is almost one-third of the world's total installed solar energy capacity.In 2012 China installed about 5.5 gigawatts of solar systems. China solar lanterns can help provide the necessary energy generation to install solar energy systems. Furthermore, they are affordable and are being offered at very affordable prices.

How to use china solar lantern?You can use china solar lanterns under a sun. Just light one of the solar lanterns (the base) with your lamp.What should I carry and what can I use it for?You can carry it on your belt. It is handy because it will light the road if you need to travel at night. Or, make use of it to illuminate and illuminate on a bike when you bike back and forth to work. Using it to illuminate will make you a very handy man.You can use it under your hood to have a sun all day. It is also quite handy if you have a car and need to take your bike out when you're late for work. Keep it handy in the car or on the bike to allow you to use your car even on those nights when it's cooler.It's also handy if someone else needs to carry the lantern.

What are the factors that affect the use of china solar lantern? Number of people with this problem is much fewer than solar lantern used by tourists;There are almost no reported cases of children, pregnant women, and disabled persons using Chinese solar lantern; It has low-level light intensity;Chinese solar lantern is much simpler than solar photovoltaic (solar panels); Chinese solar lantern also creates a very strong artificial light because of its very low frequency.It is safe for household, small garden, and commercial use in rural areas. It has been reported that all kinds of Chinese solar lanterns have been used for outdoor usage, because the maximum output of the lantern is still sufficient for light use in the outdoor environment. Although the lanterns do not exceed 50 Lumens/kg, they are used with different characteristics, such as for hunting, fishing, and house/shop cleaning activities.