Installation points of emergency lighting distribution equipment


The emergency lighting distribution device is arranged in the fire zone as communication and power distribution equipment to supply and control fire emergency lights. Installed in the distribution room or between the shafts. Emergency lighting power distribution devices are divided into two categories: safe voltage type (DC36V output type); mixed (AC220V output and DC36V mixed output type). Safety voltage emergency lighting power distribution device is the power supply equipment for fire emergency lights under safe voltage. Hybrid emergency lighting power distribution device is used for occasions with long power supply lines and high power.

Low price Fire emergency light

In the actual emergency lighting distribution equipment project, part of the normal lighting is often used as emergency lighting. The lamp comes with its own battery and can be switched on and off like normal lighting. When the lamp is powered off or turned on, the lamp is turned on and is not controlled by the switch. This emergency lighting system can not only meet the requirements of the current fire protection regulations, but also meet the needs of normal lighting, reduce the investment of engineering projects, and achieve multiple uses for one machine.
Emergency lighting of emergency lighting distribution equipment is now divided into ordinary emergency lighting and intelligent emergency lighting, including centralized power supply with and without batteries.