Daily maintenance requirements for fire emergency power supply


Check whether the room is ventilated and ventilated, and how high is the room temperature? The fire protection industry requires that the ambient temperature of the battery equipped with EPS is not higher than 30 ℃, and the temperature has a great influence on the service life of the battery. Conditional units should be equipped with air conditioners. EPS power sources must be kept away from fire sources and flammable and explosive materials. Usually, ordinary debris should not be stacked in the room where EPS emergency power supplies are placed. It is not conducive to fire safety and is easy to attract rodents to hide and occur. Accidents caused by chewing on cables.

Fire emergency light factory

According to the status of each output circuit breaker of the EPS emergency power supply, determine whether the output circuit is short-circuited, use a clamp meter to detect whether each circuit is overloaded, and touch the cable by hand to sense whether the temperature of the cable is abnormal to determine whether the wire diameter is appropriate or too small.