Application range of solar lights


The solar lamp can be widely used for decoration on lawns, squares, parks and other occasions, and belongs to the technical field of lamps. It mainly uses the lampshade to connect the bottom bracket, the battery board is placed on the battery box and built into the lampshade, the battery box is installed on the bottom bracket, the light-emitting diode is installed on the battery board, and the solar battery board is connected to the rechargeable battery and the control circuit by wires. The structure of the utility model is integrated, simple, compact and reasonable; there is no external power cord, the use and installation are convenient, and the appearance is beautiful; because the light-emitting diode is placed in the bottom bracket, the whole lamp body is illuminated after lighting, and the light perception effect is better; All electrical components are built-in, with good practicability. Including snake lights, panel lights, solar neon lights, massage lights and so on.

good price and quality Solar Light

In practice, of course, solar outdoor lighting is a bit more complicated. In addition to high-capacity batteries and solar panels, the system includes advanced dedicated monitors, and the solar-powered battery starts charging when the lighting is turned off, and then gets more power when it's recharged. The key to this is the solar outdoor lighting, solar photovoltaic house installed solar panels, all have a dedicated microprocessor control system and battery.