What are the advantages of solar street lights


Circuit lights have extremely complex installation procedures, laying cables, excavating cable trenches, laying pipes, threading, backfilling and other basic work, and debugging. Once problems occur, large-scale rework may be required. Therefore, the material cost is very high, and the solar street light only needs a cement base, and then the light pole is fixed.

good price and quality Solar Light

In addition to the high installation cost of commercial lamps, there are also electricity bills that need to be paid for lighting and later maintenance costs. Solar street lights are free of electricity charges, low installation costs, a one-time investment, and maintenance costs are not high. Can be fixed-point maintenance.
Due to the complexity of installation, city circuit lights will bring many hidden dangers to safety, construction quality, transformation of landscape lighting, aging materials, abnormal power supply, water and electricity pipelines, etc. to a certain extent. Solar street lights are low-voltage products with safe and reliable operation. Summary of the advantages of solar lighting: safety without hidden dangers, energy saving without consumption, green and environmental protection, easy installation, automatic maintenance-free.