Reasons why it is recommended to choose a strong light flashlight with LED light source


The light source of strong light flashlight has experienced three eras of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp. Today, the cold light source semiconductor LED, known as the fourth generation light source, is also widely used in the field of explosion-proof lighting. In flammable and explosive places, LED explosion-proof strong light flashlights, wearable LED explosion-proof headlights and hand-held LED explosion-proof searchlights play an important role in emergency explosion-proof lighting. Compared with the traditional electrodeless light source and metal halide light source, the choice of LED as the light source for the strong light flashlight has more advantages.

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The bright flashlight with LED light source is brighter and consumes less energy. Common portable LED flashlight power is 1W, 3W, 5W, and the higher point is 10W and 15W. Take a 3W explosion-proof LED flashlight as an example, although it only has 3 watts of power, it can provide 350 lumens of lighting brightness, while the traditional thermal light source flashlight with the same number of lumens needs more than 100 watts. This shows the advantages of LED light source.