Features of led charging lights


1. Strong applicability, improved adaptability and reliability in various indoor and outdoor harsh environments
2. Rich colors: It is composed of three primary colors (red, green, blue) display unit box, so that the electronic screen can display dynamic images with rich colors, high saturation, high resolution and high display frequency
3. High brightness: using ultra-high brightness LED, it is still clearly visible from a long distance under the strong sunlight

Rechargeable Lantern

4. Good effect: using nonlinear correction technology, the image is clearer and the sense of hierarchy is stronger
5. Strong reliability: using static scanning technology and modular design technology, higher reliability and stability
6. Diversified display modes: support a variety of display modes
7. Easy to operate: the use of general video playback software makes the system operation very convenient
When the power failure detection circuit outputs a signal to the power switching circuit, the power switching circuit outputs the DC power from the rechargeable battery to the light source; the accommodation space formed by the bulb head is connected to the shell and then connected to the lampshade, which accommodates the electronic control board, The battery and the light source are connected to each other through wires;
When the led rechargeable light bulb is powered off or out of power, the light bulb can still be illuminated normally for more than three hours, giving full play to the function of emergency lighting for power outages.