How important are safety exit lights


Safety exit indicators are widely used in factories, schools, shopping malls, warehouses, wharfs, airports, hospitals, hotels, hotels, large office buildings, underground passages, high-end entertainment venues and all living environments to deal with sudden and accidental situations. In the event of a power outage, provide safe evacuation direction instructions for trapped personnel or emergency instructions for firefighters after the power outage. Hunan Datang Electric will introduce the importance of installation of safety exit indicators.

Exit Sign Light for home user

The safety indicator light can light up a life channel for the owner in the dark in the event of a power failure. Although it is rarely used in daily life, in order to enhance their own safety awareness, the majority of owners can pay more attention to safety exits during daily entry and exit. Location, ensure the smooth passage of safety passages, and pay attention to the role of safety indicators. When necessary, explain the role of safety facilities to children and the elderly in the community to strengthen safety awareness.