The functions and requirements that the safety exit indicator light should have


No need to wait, pick it up and turn it on: In an emergency, no switch, no hand crank, no learning, just pick it up and turn it on automatically. Make sure that users can use it correctly even when they are nervous and flustered.

Exit Sign Light for house

Flashing instructions, no need to look for: the wall mount base is fixed on the door frame or the head of the bed, and will not be left alone. In emergencies such as earthquakes and fires, the flashing indicator can be found with the naked eye, making it easy to find.
Easy to manage, turn off when you put it back: pick up and turn on the design, the flashlight must be put back on the wall mount to turn off, which is helpful for standardized management, prevention of loss and daily inspection.
Non-disposable, energy-saving and environmentally friendly: replaceable batteries, repeated use for life, discarded after non-disposable use; durable, resistant to mechanical collisions and environmental changes
Real-time standby, no failure rate: ensure live energy supply for a long time, ensure emergency lighting during emergency evacuation, and ensure no failure or no power.
Safety lighting is emergency lighting used to ensure the safety of people in potential danger.