What is the difference between emergency lights and fire emergency lights


1. Different fields of application.
Fire emergency lights are suitable for emergency lighting in public places such as factories, hotels, schools, and units when power is out. Emergency lighting is suitable for high-rise buildings, shopping malls, entertainment venues and other lighting.

Fire emergency light

2. The raw materials are different.
Fire emergency lights are made of industrial plastics and high-brightness bulbs. The color is mainly white, and there are two arrows on the surface. The material is not aging, the heat dissipation is fast, and the impact resistance is good. The emergency lighting is made of aluminum and metal, with an ultra-thin design and a novel and beautiful appearance.
3. Different installation methods.
There are wall-mounted, portable, and suspended installation methods for fire emergency lights; there are two installation methods for emergency lighting walls: wall-mounted and suspended.
In daily life, there are many problems in the selection, installation and use of fire emergency lights. Therefore, the reasonable selection of power supply control mode and wiring mode of the emergency lighting system and daily maintenance will directly affect the function of the fire emergency lighting system.