Do you know the common interfaces for charging flashlights?


Rechargeable flashlights refer to lighting flashlights that can be recharged repeatedly. Rechargeable flashlights usually use led lamp beads, which have a long life and are suitable for night lighting, outdoor camping, search and rescue and other occasions. The rechargeable flashlight solves the problem of replacing batteries and is conducive to protecting environmental resources. Do you know the common interfaces for charging flashlights? Which charging interface has a good flashlight?

Common charging interface

Common charging flashlight interfaces include DC charging port, Micro USB charging port and Type-C charging port.

DC interface is the traditional interface for charging flashlight. The DC interface is designed with round holes, which has the advantages of reliability, low cost, foolproof and blind insertion. When the plug is connected, it is like a falcon. A part of the plug is pulled apart during the insertion process and the spring is deformed to obtain pressure, which makes the interface very stable.

Micro USB charging port is a very common charging port in charging flashlights at present. The advantage is strong compatibility. When charging the flashlight with Micro USB charging port, you don't have to worry about finding a charging adapter and charging cable, because most of the electronic devices in your home, such as mobile phones, tablets, portable speakers, etc., are using the charging cable with Micro USB interface.

Type-C charging port is a new generation of interface rising in recent years. Type-C interface is characterized by positive and negative insertion, and can support high-power charging and discharging.

The above is the common rechargeable flashlight interface arranged by the rechargeable flashlight factory for you.