Solar lamp factory brief analysis of china solar lamp characteristics


Is the light source suitable for china solar lamp energy-saving lamp, sodium lamp, LED lamp or electrodeless lamp? The solar lamp factory will analyze it for you.

Luminous efficiency of china solar lamp

In terms of luminous efficiency, these china solar lamp can reach more than 80 lumens per watt, which is comparable.

Service life of china solar lamp

In terms of service life, LED has a slight advantage. In theory, LED chips have a long service life. In practice, the service life of china solar lamp is not as good as expected due to light decay and other electronic component life. Other light sources have also been improved and their service life is increasing.

China solar lamp environmental protection

In terms of environmental protection, LED still dominates. china solar lamps do not contain toxic substances and also have ultraviolet radiation.

As for the matching of solar power supply, LED is low-voltage power supply, which is easy to match with solar power supply. Other lamps need a large boost

Power conversion loss is large, and electromagnetic interference is also large.

Solar lamp price

China solar lamp is expensive and sodium lamp is cheap in terms of price. However, with the continuous progress of LED technology, the production cost is also decreasing.

Light distribution angle of china solar lamp

In terms of road light distribution angle and color rendering requirements, sodium lamp is dominant.

Mechanical strength and environmental adaptability of china solar lamps

In terms of mechanical strength and environmental adaptability, LED lamp and sodium lamp are relatively good.