Advantages and precautions of Low price emergency led lights


The Low price emergency led lights is a special lighting tool used for emergency when the power is suddenly turned off. It is operated by the emergency rechargeable battery power supply. Because it is not often used in life, many people ignore its existence and cannot call it. Its personas in life are also very important. Next, let's take a look at the advantages of Low price emergency led lights and what must be noticed.

Advantages of Low price emergency led lights

1. The anti-dazzle function is developed on the cover of Low price emergency led lights, which will make the light more smooth. It is necessary to reduce the visual fatigue of the eyes and improve the work efficiency.

2. It is sturdy and durable, reaching 100000 hours, without regular maintenance.

3. The light alloy product of the casing has moisture-proof, antifouling and corrosion-resistant properties.

4. Transparent color parts are made of EXO adhesive, with the advantages of high light transmittance and good impact resistance, and can work in various dangerous environments.

5. The wide voltage design scheme that can be used in all national power grids in the world is applied, ranging from 85-300V, and the narrow working voltage is only 80-144.

6. It has the emergency function of automatic selection and manual conversion. There are two kinds of Low price emergency led lights. One is the normal light for work (also has the emergency function), and the other is the simple light. It is usually in the state of shutdown and rectification, which is easy to be ignored.

7. At present, an intelligent Low price emergency led lights is also produced and manufactured on the market. It has low power consumption, higher quality light source, and better raw materials for environmental protection and physical and mental health. Once the power supply or power failure, it will automatically restart, solving the problem of sudden power supply, and preventing potential safety hazards.

8. The installation is also simple. It can be assembled like general lighting fixtures without adding all switch circuits.

9. There are many kinds of led emergency lights with high grindability. You can buy LED AC-DC dual-purpose with disconnect switch.

10. Low price emergency led lights are widely used in home, shopping malls, internet cafes, games and entertainment, public safety channels and other places. It can also be used on temporary floor stands and riverside * * day fishing. The normal emergency period is five hours.

Common problems of Low price emergency led lights

1. When installing the Low price emergency led lights, the Low price emergency led lights should be grounded safely in the principle of proximity, and the wiring should not be connected blindly to prevent it from playing its due role. If it is to assemble normal lighting and emergency lighting as a whole, it is recommended to use three-wire controllable wiring method.

2. In the transportation link, the lamps must be placed in the paper box of the facility, and some foam should be placed to reduce the vibration during transportation.

3. When using the led emergency lamp, the surface of the lamp is also hot, which is a common situation. It is better not to touch it to prevent burns.

4. Low price emergency led lights are generally not necessarily maintained. If you know that maintenance is required, you must not cut off the switch power supply at least and carry clean white gloves to operate. If it is not a very urgent phenomenon, it is better to ask the insiders to repair it.