Where are china solar lamps more suitable for use?


Many outdoor places in cities need long-term lighting, but long-term use will consume a lot of electric energy. Solar lamp china using led light sources can effectively avoid the consumption caused by the use of municipal electricity. In addition, the solar lamp china has the characteristics of environmental protection and energy conservation, low maintenance cost, and is not affected by the impact of the power outage. Solar lamp china has obvious advantages, but is it suitable for use in every region?

Although china solar lamps have many advantages, not all regions are suitable for using china solar lamps. Generally, the regions suitable for using china solar lamps need to meet the following conditions:

1. - 20 ℃ - 40 ℃ environment. The normal use of china solar lamps will be affected by the use of ordinary china solar lamps in the environment with high or low temperature. If the temperature is too low, the running speed of lamps will be reduced. The temperature is too high, and the lamp cannot work normally. The TCS technology developed by solaray itself - high and low temperature protection system can keep the battery working normally at - 20 - 60 °, which can be used in areas with higher temperature.

2. Areas with humidity lower than 80%. If the air humidity is too high, the electronic components inside the solar street lamp will be affected by moisture, the connection is unstable, and the system lighting will be affected. Therefore, the area with high humidity is not suitable for using solar street lamp.

3. A sunny area. The solar panel needs sufficient sunlight, such as light intensity and light duration, to conduct photoelectric conversion, so as to provide enough power for the solar lamp china to work normally.

4. An area with an altitude of less than 2000 meters. That is, the central and eastern plains of China. If the altitude is too high, the lamp battery and circuit will be affected to varying degrees.

It can be seen from the above that there are still many areas suitable for using solar lamps in China. In addition, there are many types of solar street lamps, which can be applied to various scenes, such as: city square, parking lot, school playground, green space, park lighting; Lighting for golf courses, beach baths and high-end villa areas; Replacement of power supply for highway warning signs and bridge street lights; Road street lighting in rural, township and other marginal areas.