Features and Precautions of China rechargeable lantern


China rechargeable lantern is ideal for camping, hurricanes, hiking, backpacking, fishing, emergencies, reading, power outages, and more.
China rechargeable lantern brings you a super bright light in the dark. The fold-down handle makes it easy to hang and carry. The magnet base can be adsorbed on any metal surface, freeing your hands. The compact light body makes it waterproof and durable. Can be used as a lantern or torch. The versatile novelty design is amazing. This is must-have camping gear for both indoor and outdoor activities.
Features of China Rechargeable Lantern:
super bright lighting;
Compact and lightweight foldable design;
Foldable handle for easy storage and hanging;
Military-grade waterproof plastic;
Height adjustable rechargeable lantern, brightness control;
Energy saving, low power consumption;
Flashlight and emergency signal light on top;
There are magnets at the bottom of China rechargeable lantern, which can be attached to any metal surface;
Perfect gift for mother, father, family, friends, lover, Valentine's Day.
Do not use China rechargeable lanterns in these situations:
1. Underwater state. Avoid leaving in wet conditions.
2. Near heater or high temperature service.
3. Avoid looking directly at the light.