The choice and setting of exit sign lights


1. Improper selection: some units confuse fire emergency lamps with civilian emergency lamps, thinking that as long as there are emergency lamps, they do not understand the relevant requirements of the national fire code for fire emergency lamps, and choose products that have not been tested by the national fire protection product quality. Qualified or unlicensed manufacturer's products.

Exit Sign Light for home user

2. Improper setting position: The installation position, spacing and height of exit sign lamps are required in the national fire protection regulations, but in actual installation, the design unit does not design as required, and the user does not install as required. , resulting in many loopholes in the installation of fire emergency lighting.
3. Insufficient number of settings: Many users always pursue economic benefits unilaterally, while ignoring investment, the same is true for the setting of fire emergency lamps, and even some units are still blank in this regard, even if the fire emergency lamps are set Quantity is also difficult to guarantee.