The main faults and troubleshooting methods of fire emergency lights


1. When the fire emergency light sounds, you can repeatedly press the test button on the panel to adjust, and then press the test button to eliminate the dripping sound as much as possible. It is strictly forbidden to directly unplug the power plug of the fire emergency light to eliminate the alarm phenomenon.
2. The power supply is normal, but the indicator light is off. Most of this failure is caused by burning and damage to the light source. You can observe whether the interior of the original light source is blackened. If there are black spots and black films, it is determined that the original light source is burned out and the original light source is replaced.

customized Fire emergency light

3. When the main power fails, the indicator light is still on. Failures can be caused by lightning strikes or accidental voltage damage on circuit boards. The lamp current element needs to be repaired and replaced.
4. After a power failure, the brightness of the lamp will drop after a short period of normal operation, which may be a battery failure. Since the circuit has no protection measures to prevent the battery from over-discharging, if the mains power outage is too long, the battery will be over-discharged and damage the battery prematurely. Should be resolved by replacing the battery.
5. Fire emergency lights use rechargeable batteries, which cannot be powered on for a long time, that is, floating charge. You can try turning the power off, letting the battery drain, and then recharging it. When used correctly, the power should be cut off periodically to prolong battery life.