The important role of fire emergency lights


Fire emergency lighting is the most commonly used lighting tool in fire emergency, with long emergency time, high brightness, and automatic power-off emergency functions. The fire emergency light has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness and long service life. There is a power switch and finger light on the side. It is suitable for emergency lighting when power failure occurs in public places such as factories, hotels, schools, and units.

customized Fire emergency light

Fire emergency lighting and identification lights, collectively referred to as fire emergency lighting, are important products required by fire safety measures. It is like a normal street light. When an emergency occurs, such as an earthquake, a fire, or a sudden interruption of the power supply due to a circuit failure, all light sources have stopped working. At this time, it must immediately provide reliable lighting and indicate traffic. Evacuation direction and location of emergency exits to ensure smooth evacuation of people trapped in the dark.
Fire emergency lights can supply power during power outages and play a role in preventing safety accidents from occurring during power outages. Fire emergency lights are very different from ordinary lights. The function of ordinary lamps is to illuminate, but the switch needs to be manually controlled, and the fire emergency light is automatically turned on when the floodlight is powered off.