The role of emergency lights and precautions for use


Emergency light is the general term for lamps used for emergency lighting. The fire emergency lighting system mainly includes emergency emergency lighting, emergency exit signs and indicator lights. It is set to guide the trapped people to evacuate or launch fire rescue operations after the normal lighting power supply is cut off in the event of a fire. However, during the daily inspection, it was found that there were many problems in the selection, installation and use of fire emergency lamps. Therefore, reasonable selection of the power supply control mode and wiring mode of the emergency lighting system, and daily maintenance work will directly affect the function of the fire emergency lighting system. In daily life, check frequently to take precautions!


    Types of emergency lights: portable emergency lights, fire emergency lights, energy-saving emergency lights, supply emergency lights, underwater emergency lights, rechargeable emergency lights, solar emergency lights, multi-function emergency lights, etc.


    Precautions for the use of emergency lights:


    1. The characteristics of various wiring methods must be accurately mastered, so as to avoid blind wiring and fail to function.

    2. If emergency lighting is used as part of usual lighting, it should adopt three-wire controllable connection.

    3. For multi-storey public buildings, if there is no control center, emergency lighting fixtures in various parts can be controlled by local switches (single lamp single control or multi-lamp control) or centralized control in the distribution box three-wire connection method .

    4. There is a fire control center project, in order to meet the requirements of the fire control center to turn on the fire emergency lights on the fire floor and related floors when a fire occurs.