How to install solar lamp?


Solar energy is a renewable energy source. Here is an installation method of the simplest solar lamp at home for your reference.


First choose solar silicon panels. Choose the size of the solar panel according to the usage area or brightness requirements.


Then configure the solar lamp. Generally, it is better to choose LED lights, which use low voltage, low current, good luminous effect, and more energy saving. It is recommended to choose a dedicated solar lamp with battery.


In terms of installation, solar panels are installed outdoors to receive sunlight. The time the installation location receives sunlight also determines the effect of the lamp.


When installing solar panels, pay attention to waterproofing, and try to install them at a high place, not soaking in rain.


Here is a little trick to share, which is to place a thin transparent ordinary glass on the solar panel. This not only prevents direct rain from getting wet, but also effectively blocks sun exposure. Extend the life of solar lamp board.