What to do if the night diving dive lights are off?


Friends who love to swim have encountered this problem. During the night dive, if your diving flashlight suddenly has no electricity or fails, what should you do?

Some so-called tactical flashlight small factories have seen good market prospects and demand, but also follow suit, and high competition has caused the market price to continue to decline. It is precisely that: There is no minimum price, only a lower price.

This led to a large number of divergent flashlight brands, varying quality, price confusion, and false indicators. However, the slogan is the first in the universe. How do potential friends choose?

In fact, the choice of diving flashlight must first suit itself, according to their own diving environment, diving goals, purchase budget, to choose the right lamp;

The limited purchase budget of potential friends, the brightness exceeds the actual needs of potential friends is a waste, and will also bring light pollution to the potential companions and aquatic creatures.

In general, entry-level submersible light flashlights (300-700 lumens) can meet basic needs.

If it is an open water deep dive, a boat dive, etc., you need a higher brightness (1000-3000 lumens).

More enthusiastic enthusiasts like 4000-10000 lumens, that is high-end demand, very bright to meet any purpose.

In addition to the same lumens, the purpose of concentrating and astigmatism is completely different. Concentration is mostly used for long-range illumination. Wide-angle astigmatism is only for near-distance and wide-range illumination, and is mainly used for photographing photography.

The last is the focus of Xiao Bian's conversation today: the cost-effectiveness of diving flashlights.


Appearance: Everybody loves beauty. A beautiful, compact, comfortable, portable flashlight can really make you pick up your eyes and instantly revoke your desire to buy, but also do not forget your original intention to buy: I want to buy a safe power supply, stable Light source, effective life and necessary waterproof depth of diving flashlight. Especially during dark nights, the reliability of flashlights is closely related to your safety.


Brightness: It is not omnipotent, no brightness is absolutely impossible. When you look at potential friends in some bad dealers to purchase diving flashlights, most of them are very unprofessional to compare with the ceiling and choose the brightest one. Actually, unscrupulous manufacturers do instant boost, so it looks like Brighter. Brightness is undoubtedly the ultimate goal pursued by potential friends and manufacturers. Reality? Reputable manufacturers High production costs, high-brightness opponents heat dissipation, LED power and battery losses put forward higher technical requirements.


Price: There is no difference without comparison, support genuine products have true love. iD/FishLite is cost-effective and well-recognized in the industry (I know it is the hardest implant in history, but I wouldn't be embarrassed to have two brushes). The view that the price of a flashlight is not expensive is only that the benevolent sees the wise and see the wisdom. In fact, it is not expensive, but it is worthless. In the end it is worthless. I say you listen, and finally you have the final say. ledtimes Lighting, to help you solve this problem, please contact the company for details