How to choose emergency lights, Rechargeable Lantern, and spare portable lights after power failure?


For the choice of Rechargeable Lantern for house, many people are limited in brightness and style. In fact, the choice of lighting for house is also particular. In protecting the eyes, he can also find the most suitable lighting according to the home decoration.

Rechargeable Lantern

In terms of Rechargeable Lantern for house, the brightness of lighting lamps used in different environments is somewhat different. According to the common power of domestic fluorescent tubes, it is recommended that the living room lamp is 100-220w, the bedroom lamp is 40w, the kitchen and bathroom lamp is 21w, the table lamp is 14w, the mirror lamp is 14w, and the wall lamp is 9-18w.

In a family, there are different light environments. In the reception room or living room, it is recommended to choose enough brightness to create a more lively atmosphere, and the distance between people is closer; the bedroom needs to simply use wall reflections or auxiliary lamps to create a more romantic Comfortable atmosphere; for the protection of the eyes, the study needs sufficient light, which requires auxiliary table lamps and auxiliary bedside lamps beside the bed; and for daily TV watching environments, a TV background wall is required. Use the light reflection of the TV wall to protect the eyes.

Choose different color temperatures according to personal preferences. The color temperature below 3300k belongs to warm color light, giving people a warm and comfortable feeling; the color temperature of 3300k-5300k belongs to warm white light, the light is soft, making people happy and peaceful; the color temperature above 5300k is called cold light , Which is the closest to natural light, gives people a bright feeling, and is easy to concentrate.

The appearance of extremely bright objects in the field of vision will cause discomfort and cause vision loss. When such glare occurs, it is necessary to directly limit the brightness of the light source, or use light-transmitting materials to reduce the brightness.

The quality of the light source directly affects the eyes. Therefore, when choosing a lighting lamp, you must choose a good lighting lamp with suitable and sufficient brightness, no flicker, low radiation, and anti-vertigo.

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