Which is best rechargeable led lights? How to choose?


The manufacturer of rechargeable led lights marks the following on the outer packaging of the product: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power, and rated frequency. Generally speaking, the high-quality rechargeable led lights have good printing quality, the logo is clear and recognizable, it is not easy to wipe off with a soft damp cloth, and they have the manufacturer's trademark and related certification marks. The second is the appearance of rechargeable led lights. There should be no cracks, looseness and traces of prying between the interfaces on the appearance.

rechargeable led lights
  During installation and disassembly, the lamp cap should not be loose or tilted. The plastic shell of the lamp must choose the kind of engineering plastic flame-retardant type, which is characterized by the texture similar to frosted glass on the surface. The surface of ordinary plastic is smooth and shiny, but easily deformed and flammable, so it is forbidden to be used in the production of rechargeable led lights. The third is working status. Under normal working conditions, the temperature rise of rechargeable led lights should be relatively low. If the heat dissipation conditions are not good, the lamp beads will work under high temperature, the light decay will be great, and the life of the lamp will be greatly reduced.
  At the same time, if the rechargeable led lights flash quickly when they are on and off, it also indicates that there is a quality problem. The fourth is working voice. Electromagnetic compatibility is an item that electrical appliances must pass, and the national electromagnetic compatibility test mark must be printed on the package of rechargeable led lights. We can also make a simple judgment through a small test. Bring a short- and medium-wave radio. When the lamp is working, place the radio nearby. The lower the noise received by the radio, the better the electromagnetic compatibility of the lamp under test.
  Listen to the sound of rechargeable led lights in a silent environment. If you can clearly hear the sound of rechargeable led lights, it means that the power supply of rechargeable led lights is not very good.