How to properly use and maintain emergency led lights for home user


The mergency led lights for home user can be seen everywhere in our real life, whether it is in some public places such as shopping malls, office buildings, factories, etc., we can see emergency led lights. The role of emergency led lights is mainly after a fire accident. The automatic alarm equipment for accidents disconnects all the usual switching power supplies and lighting fixtures of the building on fire, and then shows the machinery and equipment for the weak current installation of lighting fixtures, which facilitates the safe and rapid evacuation of firefighting staff. In addition, the lighting fixtures are shown for firefighters and soldiers to fight the fire. The extinguishing of fire accidents is shown to ensure. For such an important tool, how should we properly use and maintain emergency lights for home users?

mergency led lights for home user

1. Mergency led lights for home users should be installed or stored in a ventilated, dry and non-corrosive place.
2. When using emergency led lights for home user, try to avoid being hit and knocked down.
3. Regularly maintain the operation of the emergency led lights for home user in January, and always pay attention to whether the indicator lights are in normal conditions during work.
4. Pay attention to the normal battery charging and maintenance for the battery lights. Generally, discharge the battery once in 2-3 months and recharge the battery to increase the service life of the rechargeable battery.
5. In all normal applications, carry out the actual operation of battery charging for lighting lamps every six months to prevent the initial failure of the rechargeable battery.
6. When the lighting fixture is not used for a long time, the rechargeable battery should be charged and discharged, and the lighting fixture battery should be charged for about 18-24 hours when it is working again, so that the emergency led lights for home user can work normally.
7. In order to better protect the light source and reflection from dust, a thin dust-proof cover is specially set on the lamp head of the emergency led lights for home user.