What parts are made of quality emergency led lights


The quality emergency led lights are made of industrial plastics and high-brightness bulbs. The color is mainly white. There are two arrows on the surface. The material is not aging, fast heat dissipation, and impact resistance. The quality emergency led lights use high-quality aluminum, metal spray, ultra-thin design, novel and beautiful appearance. Different installation methods of emergency led lights.

quality emergency led lights

The quality emergency led lights are used for emergency evacuation. Evacuation lighting (usually not on, power outage or fire alarm always on, such as cat’s eye lights) and evacuation indicator lighting (exit indicator lights with green arrows and villains). Quality emergency led lights require fire protection certification. The power supply requires dual power terminal switching. When there is a backup power source (such as a generator), a backup power source candidate is required. The illuminance is generally 0.5-10Lx.

The quality emergency led lights are used in important machine rooms and important facilities to prevent the operation from being stopped due to power outages. Therefore, they are installed in places where the power cannot be cut off, such as the fire control room, monitoring room, data center, communication room, etc. Normally the lighting is normal, and it will automatically switch to the emergency power supply in case of power outage or fire. The quality emergency led lights with no hard requirements, the power supply is a double-ended switching power supply, and when there is also a backup power supply, it often needs to be supplemented. The lighting cannot be lower than normal lighting.

Safety power is also called working power. As the name implies, a power outage can endanger lives and ensure safety. Generally located in factory workshops, tunnels, hospitals, etc. There is no hard requirement for quality emergency led lights, and both ends of the dual power supply are turned off. When there is a backup power source such as a generator, it needs to be backed up, and the illuminance meets the requirements.

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