The use environment and daily maintenance of emergency power supply for fire lamps


Use environment:
The emergency power battery for fire lights should be used in a cool, dry and clean environment at 15-30°C, and the room temperature with air conditioners should be controlled at about 25°C. Do not use it in the following situations, otherwise it will cause battery failure, such as liquid leakage, electric leakage, or even explosion.
1. Below -10℃ or above 50℃
2. Places exposed to direct rain or sunshine, such as outdoors
3. Condensation of fog or freezing places
4. Places with corrosive gases
5. Places with heavy humidity or dust
6. Places where vibration or shock occurs

quality Exit Sign Light

1. The battery is heavy and the shell is brittle. It should be handled gently when handling. It is strictly forbidden to roll and throw the battery. At the same time, be careful not to stress the terminals.
2. The battery should be stored or installed in a dry and ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, away from heat sources and places prone to sparks.
3. The battery of emergency power supply for fire light should be fully charged before storage, and storage after discharge is not allowed.
4. The battery of emergency power supply for fire light should be stored in the environment of 0-30℃, and the stored battery should be recharged every three months, otherwise the capacity and life of the battery will be reduced.