solar lamp Wholesale Price

Low maintenance cost of solar lamp Wholesale Price,it makes the "most cost-efficient, best-performing" and "most environmentally friendly" solar products.Despite a rising cost of solar electricity, the price of solar panels has been falling as the use of the technology has boomed to meet rising demand from the world's growing middle class.

Detailed introduction

S-645N6 solar lamp

charged by 9V 3W solar panel 6V 4.5Ah battery pack 3x3W led bulb with wire&switch 6x0.5W smd led built-in 1W torch built-in 5V USB output


LT-2000g16sp solar lamp

3W LED,3.7V 2200Mah Li-ion battery,With test button and auto-test function,Emergency 3hours,recessed,with CB and SAA and LVD,Driver case size:202*35*30MM,battery case size:89*35*30MM products size (L*W*H mm):Φ55X36


LT-9980E solar lamp

80X0.2W SMD LED 3.7V 3000mAh Lithium battery 6V Solar socket and 5V USB port optional


LT-S5 solar lamp

24X0.2W SMD LED 6V solar panel 3.7V 1000Mah lithium battery