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Detailed introduction

LT-9980E solar lamp

80X0.2W SMD LED 3.7V 3000mAh Lithium battery 6V Solar socket and 5V USB port optional


LT-S5 solar lamp

24X0.2W SMD LED 6V solar panel 3.7V 1000Mah lithium battery


LT-2000g16sp solar lamp

3W LED,3.7V 2200Mah Li-ion battery,With test button and auto-test function,Emergency 3hours,recessed,with CB and SAA and LVD,Driver case size:202*35*30MM,battery case size:89*35*30MM products size (L*W*H mm):Φ55X36


S-645N6 solar lamp

charged by 9V 3W solar panel 6V 4.5Ah battery pack 3x3W led bulb with wire&switch 6x0.5W smd led built-in 1W torch built-in 5V USB output