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How solar torch lights work

How solar torch lights work

The basic principle of the solar torch light is that sunlight irradiates on the semiconductor p-n junction of the solar panel on the surface of the flashlight to form new hole-electron pairs. Under the action of the electric field of the p-n junction, holes flow from the P region to the N region, and electrons flow from the N region to the P region. The current is stored in the battery, and when the flashlight is required to emit light, the circuit is connected to drive the LED to emit light.

sdgd torch light

The application of solar flashlights. Solar flashlights are suitable for home or outdoor lighting, hunters, hikers and campers, military, security, traffic surveys and emergency work. It is convenient to travel and give gifts in areas without electricity. No need for any power supply, use sunlight and light to store electricity for backup. As long as the design can reasonably store enough solar energy, the flashlight can go without light for a period of time. Especially in the wild, getting sunlight is much easier than finding new batteries, so many solar-powered flashlights are designed for outdoor use.