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The role of fire emergency lights

The role of fire emergency lights

Fire emergency lighting is the most common lighting tool in fire emergency, with long emergency time, high brightness and automatic emergency function of power failure. The fire emergency light has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness and long service life. It is designed with a power switch and an indicator light on the side. It is suitable for factories, hotels, schools, units and other public places for emergency lighting in case of power failure.

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1. As an indispensable part of fire protection engineering, fire emergency lights can play the role of lighting and evacuation instructions for emergencies. Therefore, it is imperative to strictly standardize the quality inspection and evaluation of the fire emergency system and improve the equipment acceptance and supervision and management system. Fire emergency lights are essential in our lives and essential for modern buildings.

2. The fire emergency light can supply power during a power outage, so as not to cause a safety accident during a power outage. Fire emergency lights are very different from ordinary lights. The function of ordinary lamps is to illuminate, but the switch needs to be controlled manually, while the fire emergency lamp is a lamp that is automatically activated during a power outage.