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Daily management and maintenance of fire emergency lights

Daily management and maintenance of fire emergency lights

Some companies or workplaces do not take care of fire emergency lights after they are installed, let alone perform routine maintenance, which is not the right thing to do. After installation, we have to do the actual work at the following levels.

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Carry out regular maintenance on fire emergency lights, and check the status of display lights. Bright red indicates battery charging, and light yellow indicates common faults. Unplug the power supply to check whether the emergency lighting is able to pass through all normal lighting fixtures. Unplug the power supply on time every month, and then plug in the power supply after all the electricity in the battery is released, which can increase the service life of the fire emergency light.

The main power system of the fire emergency light is normal, but the indicator light is not on. The failure was mainly due to damage to the LEDs. Can be soldered and you can use a multimeter to determine if it is in good condition. The higher the current limiting resistor r1 or the open circuit resistor, the darker it will also become.
When the power is turned off, the indicator light is still on. The failure is caused by deterioration of the back-propagation characteristics or breakdown. As long as we replace one of our own IN4004 rectifier diodes, we can effectively eliminate the fault.

After a power failure, the brightness of the lamp will decrease after normal operation for a period of time. That means the battery may be faulty. Since the circuit does not have a protection device to prevent the battery from charging, if the power is cut off for a long time, the battery cannot be disconnected. When the battery terminal voltage discharges 10v, the battery will discharge and its plates will be damaged prematurely. A better way to solve the problem of battery over-discharge is to set up a protection circuit.