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Features of Rechargeable Headlamp

Features of Rechargeable Headlamp

1. The Rechargeable Headlamp shell is integrally cast with engineering plastics and bulletproof glass. It has a fully enclosed structure and can work in a variety of harsh environments.

Rechargeable Headlamp

2. The Rechargeable Headlamp power supply uses high-safety lithium-ion batteries, no pollution, large power storage, no charging memory, no need to replace the battery fluid, and it is a completely maintenance-free product.

3. The Rechargeable Headlamp light source adopts LED cold light source, which can save energy by more than 70%, no need to replace the bulb, and no electric spark is generated.

4. The Rechargeable Headlamp is equipped with a special charger, no additional charging equipment and maintenance workers are required, and the charging cost is only one-sixth of the traditional.

5. Rechargeable Headlamp has automatic protection functions for over-voltage, over-current, and over-discharge, and is safe and explosion-proof.

6. Rechargeable Headlamp is small in size, light in overall structure (only 100-150g), no restraint, and its load capacity is 1/15 of that of traditional headlamps, which greatly reduces the outdoor intensity and improves the fun of sports and play.

A charging management circuit is installed in the Rechargeable Headlamp, and the charging converter can be equipped with a regulated charging stand for charging. When charging, first turn off the power of the Rechargeable Headlamp, open the headlamp charging cover to expose the DC jack, plug the charging jack of the charger into the DC jack, and plug the other end of the charger into a 220V AC power supply. During normal charging, the indicator light of the charger is red, and when the battery is full, the indicator light turns to green, and charging stops automatically. The normal charging time is about 6-8 hours.