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Features of emergency exit signs for house

Features of emergency exit signs for house

The lighting that is activated due to the power failure of the normal lighting is called emergency exit signs for house. It is different from ordinary lighting in that it includes standby lighting, evacuation lighting and so on. Install evacuation lighting in places such as stairs, passages, gates, etc.; emergency exit signs for house are lights that indicate the location and direction required for evacuation.

emergency exit signs for house

1. Emergency exit signs for house need to be equipped with two power sources, namely normal power and emergency backup power. The emergency backup power supply is generally supplied by self-provided power supply and storage battery. If a battery is used, the continuous power supply time cannot be less than 200 minutes.

2. The illuminance of emergency exit signs for house should not be less than 0.5lx to fully illuminate the evacuation routes such as walkways and stairs. The fire control room, fire pump room, self-provided generator room, and parts that still need to work in the event of a fire also need to ensure normal illumination.

3. The emergency exit signs for house should be set at the top of the fire exit or evacuation channel and the corner of the wall below 1 meter from the ground. The spacing between the signs on the footbridge should not be greater than 20 meters. Fire emergency lighting and intelligent evacuation lighting should be equipped with protective covers made of non-combustible materials such as glass.

4. The evacuation stairwell should have obvious signs indicating the location and number of floors, so that the people in the building can know their location in time and facilitate evacuation.

The emergency exit signs for house are important facilities in modern public buildings and industrial buildings. In the event of fire or other building disasters and power outages, it plays an important role and is used for personnel evacuation, fire rescue work, continuous operation of important production and work, or necessary operation and disposal.