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Features of rechargeable flashlights

Features of rechargeable flashlights

Rechargeable flashlights are designed for energy-saving and environmental protection society, and it is also a way for businesses to adapt to consumer needs and reflect social responsibility. The appearance of the rechargeable flashlight solves the trouble of replacing the battery, and also advantageously protects the environmental resources. Rechargeable flashlights usually use LED bulbs, which have a long life. The light of the flashlight is close to sunlight, which is bright and clear, which is conducive to distinguishing the true color of objects.

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Allowable power consumption Pm: Allowable maximum value of the product of the forward DC voltage applied to both ends of the LED and the current flowing through it. If this value is exceeded, the LED will heat up and be damaged. Maximum forward DC current IFm: the maximum allowable forward DC current. Exceeding this value can damage the diode. Maximum reverse voltage VRm: The maximum reverse voltage allowed. Exceeding this value, the light-emitting diode may be damaged by breakdown.
Working environment: The ambient temperature range in which the light-emitting diode can work normally. Below or above this temperature range, the light-emitting diode will not work properly, and the efficiency will be greatly reduced.