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Fire emergency light manufacturers teach you how to arrange Fire emergency light

Fire emergency light manufacturers teach you how to arrange Fire emergency light

In recent years, with the increase of high-rise buildings, in order to ensure the safety of residents' lives and properties, it is necessary to install Fire emergency lights in important fire-fighting and emergency places such as stairwells, smoke stairwells, and refuges.

Fire emergency light

Fire emergency light is suitable for theaters, shopping malls, hotels, banks, hospitals, apartments, civil air defense projects, underground facilities and other places that require uninterrupted lighting. When natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes occur, Fire emergency light is used for escape, disaster relief, etc. It is necessary equipment, but some people often ignore this important equipment. Unqualified products and improper installation will bury potential safety hazards. Therefore, when purchasing Fire emergency light, you should not choose those unqualified products for petty profit. The same , When installing, also pay attention to the following points, so as to ensure a smooth escape in the event of a fire.

The location, location, and installation height of the Fire emergency light are clearly stipulated in the relevant building codes, but some improper practices are still found during the review:
1. Enclosed stairwells, smoke-proof stairwells or evacuation walkways are often only equipped with induction lights and exit lights instead of Fire emergency lights. Although induction lights and exit sign lights can be used as part of the evacuation lighting, the illuminance often fails to meet the requirements .

2. Escalators cannot be used as evacuation exits. The exit sign lights and related guidance lights or the sign lights to guide shopping in shopping malls, airports, stations and other functional signs can not be incorporated into the Fire emergency light system, but can be used as normal backup lighting Power supply object.

3. Fire emergency light should be set near the fire alarm button, fire hydrant button, fire telephone jack and other fire fighting facilities in the evacuation passage or front room, which is often overlooked.

4. Large-scale public buildings have large areas, complex planes, many fire compartments, many exits, and many fire shutters. Some designers have not figured out the boundaries of the fire compartments and the fire compartment to which each safety exit belongs, and arrange fire evacuation The induction lights are more casual, and even mislead people to the exit of another fire compartment. Once the fire shutters are lowered, the survivors will be at a loss. In addition, it is difficult to install the induction lights in low positions in some places, such as shopping malls, because there are counters around them. Had to hang, the height should not be too random at this time, it should be controlled at 2.20-2.50m, if the installation is too high, it is easy to be blocked by fire smoke and affect visibility.

5. For a larger civil air defense basement, there are several personal defense units, several fire compartments, and some cross evacuation lighting design is more difficult, because the exit during war is not exactly the same as the usual exit, and it is often the usual safety exit. , It must be blocked in wartime, and some of the mouth outlets must be closed in peacetime during wartime. The distance between the fire emergency light and the normal fire emergency light during wartime are different, and the direction is also different.