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How to choose Rechargeable Headlamp?

How to choose Rechargeable Headlamp?

As the name implies, the headlamp is a lighting tool that liberates hands. When we are walking at night, if we hold a flashlight, we will have a hand that cannot be freed. In this way, we cannot deal with unexpected situations in time. Therefore, a good headlight is what we have to have when we walk at night. By the same token, when we camp at night, wearing headlights can free our hands to do more things.
The choice of lamps and the use of headlights is one of the most important equipment for survival in the wild. "If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen your tools", and the correct choice of tools can make you easier to deal with in different environments. There are many types of headlamps, and we have different choices according to different functions.
The choice of lamps is a troublesome issue. Function, price, weight, volume, versatility and even appearance will affect your final decision, so start with the most basic needs, how to choose at a specific time and in a specific environment Specific lamps.

Consider the use
a. If you don’t know how to walk at night, and you don’t need to use it to search for water sources at night, just for a leisurely dinner in the camp, you don’t need to use too complicated lamps. In this case, the simplest LED lamps are enough. Now, the lighting time is long, the use is economical, and it is convenient and small. The most popular 25 yuan 5LED headlamp is a cheap choice, and various ordinary small flashlights are also good (but sometimes it is best to DIY a small headband) .
b. If you are often in the wild, you may have to go to the mountain road in the middle of the rain in the middle of the night. In this case, there is an incandescent light source lamp with sufficient brightness, which has better water resistance and reliability, and is more power-saving, and the range is longer. What you need to consider first, in short, what you need is a well-balanced lamp. If you want to save a little money, domestic imitation L flashlights and some domestic headlamps are fine, but its weight and volume are too big for its brightness.
c. If you plan to do a long-distance donkey trip, you need not only enough lighting time, but also the necessary lighting brightness. At the same time, two lamps with different types and different batteries may make you more depressed. Then, the dual light source lamp is Your best choice.
Consider the environment
The special requirements for lamps in ordinary outdoor environments are not very high, but in some special environments, we must prescribe the right medicine.
A. Winter
The battery performance at low temperatures is greatly reduced. Unless you have the strength to carry enough spare batteries, the best choice in the northern winter or snowy mountain environment is a dual-light source headlight with an external battery box. You must pay attention to the operation of the headlight. It can be done easily even with thick gloves.
B. Diving
Diving lamps emphasize absolute waterproofness and reliability, sufficient lighting time and high brightness requirements, and it is best to have spare bulbs that can be used immediately. The requirements for volume and weight are not very demanding, and the use flexibility of hand-held lamps is better.
C. Caving
The environment that caverns deal with is more sinister. Flowing water and falling rocks require headlights to be sturdy and waterproof. Of course, it must also be easily integrated with helmets. The calcium carbide lights for long-term caverns will not be explored here. High brightness is necessary. In order to cope with the unimaginable dilemma caused by the sudden extinguishment of the bulb during the process, and to turn on the second light source in a timely manner, a dual-light source lamp is the most suitable, and the range of the LED is obviously not enough. Then, the double lamp bowl Headlights with dual Halogen bulbs are useful.
D. Search
If it is used for outdoor rescue and search use, there is no doubt that brightness and range are in the first place, so two choices of sacrifice are usually made: sacrifice weight and volume; or sacrifice the life of the bulb in exchange for brightness, and sacrifice the continuous use time In exchange for small size.

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