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How to choose Rechargeable Torch spotlight and floodlight

How to choose Rechargeable Torch spotlight and floodlight

If you are not a professional Rechargeable Torch enthusiast, you will often feel confused when buying Rechargeable Torch. I don’t know what kind of flashlight is more suitable, such as floodlight Rechargeable Torch and spotlight Rechargeable Torch. What is the difference, how to choose between Rechargeable Torch and floodlight, let’s take a look today.

Rechargeable Torch

Rechargeable Torch refers to the light condensed by a condenser lens or mirror. The central spot of the condensing flashlight is bright, and the brightness outside the central spot is low. The concentrating flashlight projects a directional, clear-bounded beam to illuminate a specific area. The center spot is small and strong, and the long-range effect is very good. Usually a mirror (glossy) reflector is used with a small core LED lamp bead. The diameter and depth (height) of the Rechargeable Torch reflector directly affects the degree of light collection. The curved design of the reflector determines the position of the beam spot and the shape of the spot.

   Advantages: The central light is bright, the light is concentrated, the long-range effect is good, and it is suitable for long-distance irradiation.

   Disadvantages: There is less flooding in the vicinity, the light cannot be spread uniformly, and the irradiation range is small. When used at close distances, the condensing part of the center spot will be very dazzling.

   Application areas: outdoor sports at the speed of light, hunting, high-speed night riding, special outdoor operations and other long-distance irradiation.

The central spot beam of the floodlight Rechargeable Torch is slightly concentrated, and the floodlight area of ​​the Rechargeable Torch has a lot of diffuse reflection light, a large viewing angle, a wide range of illumination, and the light is soft and not dazzling.
The floodlight Rechargeable Torch produces a highly diffuse, non-directional light instead of a clear beam. The shadows produced are soft and transparent. When used for object lighting, the speed of lighting attenuation is much slower than when using spotlights. , And even some floodlights with very slow decay, look like a light source that does not produce shadows.

  Advantages: The central spot is strong, the light distribution in the floodlight area is uniform, the viewing angle is large, the irradiation range is wide, suitable for medium and long distance irradiation, the objects covered by the light are clear and not dazzling.

   Disadvantages: The irradiation distance is not far enough, and the light is slightly scattered.

  Application areas: outdoor sports, camping, hiking, night riding, fishing, mountaineering, home use, search and rescue and other activities that require soft and large-area lighting. In the dark wild jungle or barren desert, we are more eager to understand the surrounding environment in the dark, and the range of the floodlight flashlight can also meet the demand.

Focusing Rechargeable Torch is also called zoom Rechargeable Torch. The principle is to achieve focusing and flooding by adjusting the distance between the convex lens and the lamp bead. The focusing methods mainly include rotating focusing and telescopic focusing, because the focusing Rechargeable Torch takes into account both focusing and Floodlight can be widely used indoors and outdoors, such as hiking, camping, night riding, home use, mountain climbing, night fishing, etc.